Synergy International Inc. (SII) ( is positioned as an international project team that turns mature ideas and dreams into reality.    We have business units in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington, USA with partners in Germany, Mexico, and India.    Our 36 year mission has been the continued promotion, development and deployment of demonstration projects that introduce renewable and sustainable technologies that are in long-term partnership with our Planet.   Ecological design incorporating solar energy systems and regenerative technologies is the basis of our work.   Our team of sustainable and green designers, architects and engineers provide solutions to virtually any agricultural, architectural, or technological problem.

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A new century is dawning as an old world is crumbling in front of our eyes. Let us collaborate to build localized solutions and economies everywhere.

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Professional services and Core-competencies of Synergyii include:

Affiliate organizations part of our Synergyii solar consortia.

  Reinhold Ziegler, Founder and CEO

Synergy International Inc, 124 Washington Ave. Suite B, Pt. Richmond, CA 94801, U.S.A.

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Design, engineering, distribution of renewable energy systems and environmental technologies:

SII is the inventor, producer, and installer of many environmental technologies. Our principals have been developing renewable energy technologies for the last 35 years. The organization started with the development of modern wind turbines (Aero-Power Systems) in 1977, leading in the 1980's to the deployment of the world's first Wind Farms in California.  This was followed by whole systems design with the Farallones Institute, and development of advanced ducted wind turbines called Turbostar.

In the 1990s work continued to develop commercial and village-scale photovoltaic and wind-powered micro-utilities. The keyword is: building-integrated energy systems. Our experience comes from designing and building self-reliant buildings that have their own infrastructure of power, food production, water-collection and waste-treatment appliances. We are experts with installing renewable energy systems, either stand-alone or utility-intertie allowing for the sale of electricity back to the local power company.

Some of our products and affiliate companies include:

Structural Systems:

Solar & Wind Energy Systems:

Energy-Integrated Architectural Systems:

SOLARTECTURE®: Building-integrated solar PV, wind and thermal concentrator energy systems.

Energy-Integrated Agricultural Systems:

Research and Development, Incubation, Licensing, and Business Acceleration:

IAONS International Academy of Natural Sciences hosting: HOLODYNAMIS LAB. an R&D Incubator facility that turns "leading edge" ideas into reality through proof-of-concept or working prototypes. A 501-c not-for-profit organization.

Architects and Solartects of Self Reliant Housing, Energy-Integrated Buildings, Eco-Villages, and Resorts:

Our international eco-design and development team creates, develops and markets environmentally sound and affordable buildings. These highly efficient buildings are energy conserving utilizing the European Passiv Haus efficiency standard. The exterior of the building harnesses renewable energy. In many cases our buildings generate more energy than they utilize. We coin this Energy Net-Positive which means that they go beyond just being Energy Net -Zero. Excess energy can power the common loads, charge electric vehicles, make ice, or the energy may be exported to the local power company.

Our building program includes retrofitting containertecture and disaster-relief housing as well as existing buildings, making them eco-fit and self-reliant.

In coordination with major architectural firms we also design and build new buildings and high-rises. These new green buildings called a "Solartecture" are energy integrated and may come with their own wastewater infrastructure. Some of our buildings include bioshelters and aeroponic greenhouses which grow large amounts of food while generating water and energy from the power roofs.

Recent Major Project Developments:

Community Design and Facilitation:

Synergy International is a building facilitator and project management team for the sustainable development of land, real-estate, renewable energy systems, and the creation of local enterprises. Our work adds tremendous value and economic resilience to those organizations and communities with whom we work. We are expert participants in this process because we are the proponents and the creators of a permanent culture, a Permaculture that is in a long-term partnership with our environment and Planet.

We are designing the solar components and facilities which make up the new ecological communities with an emphasis on Localization. In our vision of the future, energy, food production, education, health and transportation alternatives will be implemented locally. Money, including local currency will be banked in smaller banks, invested, and spent within the local community instead of being invested miles away.

Because of the Global ecological and economic crisis there is now an urgency to reinvent ourselves and elements of our society everyday. As facilitators, managers, and builders of this new environment we strive to create a SYNERGY of talent where our total effort is greater than the sum of its parts. This harmonius merging of new technology and creative thinking will enable each one of us to become independent producers of the vital necessities of life for a sustainable future.

To do this, each community can and must create meaningful jobs and employment. We must focus our attention on the development of Livingry instead of Weaponry. The retooling of our society must incorporate apprenticeship programs and Craft guilds. These Centers of Excellence, will inspire and support the young and old. We must replicate this new social organization in every town in our country.

The organizations that we work with know that in the end we can only rely on ourselves and not on any government agency to save us. What we need now is a new participation in our fragil democracy. This will encourage critical thinking and leadership. We who left the family and schools to become individuals will now return to the village and life-long learning centers. It takes a village, it takes a community to bring us back together again.

Please review our first eco-village designed for Hawaii in 1993: Hawaii Ohana Eco-Village Several other centers are in the works and will be posted here.

We are seeking working capital for the many "shovel-ready" projects that are ready to go. We look forward to meeting investors who share our vision of a world that maximizes the energy of the Sun and the Wind as we develop our new agricultural plans for Green energy structures in the US and around the world.

Contact us to learn about our visions, our services, and unique abilities to build a renewable world that is not dependent on fossil fuels.



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