State-of-the-Art Wind and Waterturbines

This patented turbine is one of the most efficient in the world. The ducted shroud acts to amplify the mass-flow of the fluid through the turbine. Market Surveys show a demand for 15,000 wind generators in the U.S. waters for remote power on boats. At a $1000 per turbine that assures a guaranteed market of $ 15,000,000. Plans have been to manufacture the machine in China. 

We are now designing and building a 24" diameter under-river version with an anticipated output of 12.5KW in a 5 knot stream with no requirement for a dam.   These turbines called HYDROSTAR® will be hydraulic units, operational in ocean and river currents, with electrical generators above the water.

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Solar Micro-Utilities

A micro-utility is a system using photovoltaic or another renewable energy source, linked throughout a village, complete with a village-scale wiring network. The village’s array of photovoltaic panels, wind generator, small hydroelectric unit or other energy generating devices are linked to a centralized facility which contains the balance of system unit. This unit consists of electronics (charge controller and inverter), storage (batteries and/or flywheel), possibly an auxiliary power unit (Diesel or Stirling engine and generator), and metering systems to fulfill the financial billing instruments.

Our systems are unique in that we also incorporate an on-board Internet Server to monitor and control our equipment. Samples of our power systems are on other pages of this website.

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