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Where has QuikStix been all my life? I'm addicted! QuickStix and the metal Box Beam has made it possible for a group of 7th- and 8th-graders under my direction to change their design of an electrathon vehicle 50 times. Box Beam and QuikStix are magic!
•••Michael Hackleman, author, teacher

Inspire and feed your "Yankee Ingenuity." The author [of Box Beam Sourcebook]… has developed a simple and versatile modular structural system. This low-tech "adult Erector Set" enables ordinary folks to build a variety of machines and structures without expensive engineering or machine shop services. … Because all the components "wrench" together with nuts and bolts it's easy to change and evolve your designs, or take them apart and use the box beam for another project. The Box Beam Sourcebook provides instructions and patterns for making your own beams, tells you where to get materials, offers a myriad of plans and ideas, and most importantly, tells you how to lay out and think about projects.
•••Review of Box Beam Sourcebook in Real Goods News

I consider the Box Beam system to be an important addition to the capabilities of ordinary thing-making folk. The ease in making changes permits knowledge-building iterations of a design as it progresses towards perfection. The Box Beam helps innovators meet Buckminster Fuller's challenge: "Good hardware is one of the few irrefutable proofs of clear thought." The Box Beam system itself certainly rates as good hardware.
•••J. Baldwin in Whole Earth Review, Summer 1994

The Box Beam Sourcebook is distilled, highly useful information. … Over one hundred photos and diagrams lead you step by step. First you make (or buy) the QuikStix and box beams, then you construct your design. … The box beam framework is easily unbolted, moved and rebolted. Think about doing this to a welded framework. Box beam's flexibility extends beyond design flexibility into reuse. If you no longer need a box beam creation, then its parts are easily reused. Yesterday's prototype electric tractor can become the kids' new bunk beds.
•••Review of  Box Beam Sourcebook by Richard Perez in Home Power, # 43, October/November 1994

Build everything from your bed to a portable home to an electric vehicle with components you can recycle yourself thousands of times. A revolution in building design and construction, inexpensive, amazingly versatile, and easy. Anyone can use these simple methods of designs, save hundreds of dollars, and build things to their exact specifications. … Appropriate technology at its best!
•••Review of  Box Beam Sourcebook in Jade Mountain Appropriate Technology News, Vol. IX no. 3, Fall/Winter 1995/96

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