ET is a compact yet powerful electric work vehicle. It is capable of carrying up to 500 lbs. of load even up hills.   This vehicle requires no fossil fuel and runs for approximately two hours on a battery charge.

  1  Three by four ft. dump bed.
2   Five speed transaxle with reverse features a one inch diameter axle.
3   Four bolt interchangeable hubs accepts twenty two inch tractor tires.
4   Eighteen inch diameter by ten inch wide terra tread  tires.
5   One horsepower permanent magnet electric motor.
6   Vehicle uses two group twenty-seven deep cycle batteries.
7   Swivel pneumatic tire.
8   Battery charge plug accepts solar panels.
9   Transaxle shift lever.
10  All aluminum Grid Beam construction and diamond plate construction
      for strength and light weight.           
11  On-off switch.

Weight:  340 lbs.
Operating speeds: 1 to 4 mph.

ET is the perfect homestead work vehicle, ideal for carrying firewood, sand, gravel, soil and many other bulk materials. This highly maneuverable vehicle can turn 360 degrees in its own length. First gear has a gear ratio of 172 to 1, and delivers 450 ft. lbs. of torque to the drive wheels through one inch solid steel axles. Since the operator walks behind the vehicle, the payload is increased dramatically