A Mobile Solar charged portable generator

Now you can have clean silent 12 volt electric power anywhere you go
without NOISE, FUMES, FUEL or Fuss!

The SolMan's built-in solar panel converts sunshine directly into electricity which is stored in the maintenance-free battery for use - anytime anywhere! 

Give Phil Jergenson a call and get one direct from the designer (707)459-4240


No Maintenance Hassles
- built-in spiral wound gel cell battery requires no water or any form of maintenance work.  Just take it home and use it.
Silent Operation:
Even so called quiet generators put out plenty of racket.  The SolMan has no moving parts except the wheels.
Three 12 Volt Auto Plugs:
Means plenty of places to plug in your 12 volt accessories and lights.  Two 30 amp RV plugs on exterior.
PV Input Plug:
Controls up to 80 watts of additional solar charging
2 Battery Size Options Available:
65 or 90 amp hour deep cycle batteries.
Enclosed battery Container:
Optimizes battery life.  This helps prevent overheating and freezing temperature swings.
120 Volt AC Output Power Option: With 300 watt inverter, just plug it into the SolMan outlet, then plug in your 120 volt component! (Inverter is also silent.)
Integrated Solar Panel and Handle:
Holds the solar panel at the proper angle for maximum solar gain and allows you to move the
SolMan with one hand.
Fuse Protected:
15 amp solar panel fuse, triplex plug 20 amp and exterior 30 amp plug.  Fuses are automatic blade type available at auto parts and hardware stores.