Evolution of the Stick

The Original Stick

Builders' choice for millennia.

Joining techniques:
Stacked, notched, tied, etc.
Irregular shapes make construction very difficult

The Improved Stick

The industrial revolution creates sawmill technology. Trees are now harvested and sawn into standardized shapes such as boards and beams.

Joining techniques:
Nailed, screwed, glued, notched, bolted, etc.
Joining technique allows wood to be used only once.
• Lifespan of project usually short.


The ultimate stick (1.5 x 1.5) is enhanced with a repeating hole pattern on all four sides, and precut to standard modular lengths.

Joining techniques:
Nuts and bolts, available everywhere locally.

QuikStix's simplicity lets you build complex projects fast.


• Holes allow incremental positioning of framing members and components.

• QuikStix
frames can be taken apart and reconfigured hundreds of times to suit your changing needs.


The stick with a future!

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