Another amazing feature to this system is the simple tri-lap joint. This feature locks the framework into a rigid ninety degree structure, using only three nuts and bolts. This means no expensive hub connectors, plates or special tools to keep track of,  just one wrench!
The tri-lap joint originally was used in the crate building industry because of its great strength.  QuikStix vastly improves this connection by replacing nail fasteners with nuts and bolts (with their much higher tensile strength).  This not only creates greater strength but it's now 100 percent re-usable!

The magic tri-lap joint creates structural integrity.

Anyone can build with with QuikStix!


Walls are out, wheels are in. Today, our personal and professional  environments are constantly changing. Installing castors to a Quikstix project creates  movable work stations or roving benches and carts. This mobility creates a new level of design freedom.

Let's face it , as we go through life our needs and lifestyles change.  In many ways we have become a disposable society.  Diminishing resources and overflowing landfills are just two reasons why as  consumers we must demand smarter products.  As we enter the next millennium we can make a difference.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle!